Bingo Rules

If you’re new to the game of bingo or possibly have a question in regarding some rules for the game this content should help you understand the game rules of bingo more. Depending on where you’re playing rules can actually indeed be different so the rules and suggestions below are the basic rules you will find at any bingo hall you visit.

Blackout Bingo

Here is the basic concept on how to win this game. To win playing blackout bingo you need to fill the entire card up. If you call prior to having a real blackout you could be disqualified but usually bingo halls allow you to get back in that particular game. The rules for this game are pretty obvious so when the caller is announcing the bingo balls make sure to mark them off your cards.

Big X Bingo

To win this game of big x bingo the bingo player needs to make an “X” on the card by having each corner marked along with diagonally numbers covered. You will also need to mark the free spot obviously to finish the “X” pattern. To successfully win on this game you must accurately mark all thirteen numbers prior to anyone else by calling bingo! You usually cannot find this theme on 75 ball card bingo but is still played on the 90 ball version.

Lucky 7 Bingo

One of the most played Bingo games is called lucky 7 bingo. To win on this type of game all you need to do is cover the entire 5 numbers up top and the bingo numbers sliding down. Just like any other type of bingo game it’s important to mark the right numbers so you don’t looking like a fool when you’re calling bingo and you don’t truly have one.

Other Bingo Rule Tips

Here are some other important rules you need to follow prior and after you start playing. Usually you have to be at least 18 years old to play Bingo and this includes online bingo play. Also if you alter a bingo card your ineligible and will more than likely banned from that particular bingo hall. Don’t embarrass yourself by trying to do this as the bingo callers are veterans and are not fooled by such tactics. You’re also not able to reserve particular bingo cards either. You get what is given to you when you purchase your packs.

In conclusion Bingo is a great and fun way to entertain oneself. Typically its best you don’t bring friends along either unless they are playing as you should always show great ethics while in the hall. The chairs are needed for veterans and older members who are actually playing the game so please show some class. If you need more bingo rules on particular games don’t be shy on asking your neighbors or the bingo caller. They will explain to you on what is allowed and what is not. I wouldn’t plan on smoking in a bingo hall either most of them have been outlawed.